Calverton St George’s Play – Parts Cast!

A little piece of Calvertonian history was created yesterday evening (Friday 11 March 2011) with a gathering of CRAPPPS members resulting in the casting of the Calverton St George’s Play. With the seemingly innocuous question: ‘Got any parts for a woman?’ the first part officially cast was Mister Paul Howard as Mrs Gent. We believe he has already begun to pick out dresses.

Paul Howard, yesterday

As the evening wore on (and beer and good whiskey were drunk) the rest of the parts were divvied out. Plans were also made for a programme of performances to take place over the coming months, with all roads leading to The Admiral Rodney, Calverton, on St George’s Day itself for the first ever outing of this newest of Calverton traditions. Saturday 23 April here we come …

More news to follow as plans evolve. Anyone know where we can get a dragon costume?