Live Punch ‘n’ Judy Show!

Punch & Judy Poster 300x392Fresh (ish) from their exploits on the 2014 St George’s Play, a group of Plough Boys have been working on a brand new CRAPPPS script.

The format may be traditional but the storytelling is bang up-to-date on the first ever live CRAPPPS Punch ‘n’ Judy Show. This fast-paced, colourful and hysterical comedy show will be unveiled to an unsuspecting world on Saturday 2 August 2014 at William Lee Memorial Park in Calverton, Nottinghamshire, as part of the village’s Play Day event.

Big laughs for all the family are guaranteed in this fresh imagining of the Punch ‘n’ Judy story, where PC means ‘politically correct’ instead of ‘police constable,’ Judy’s baby is a moody teenager in a onesie and the sausages come from Iceland because the butcher’s shut on Sundays.

Timings for performances of the show are still to be confirmed (so watch this space) but the Play Day itself starts from 1.00 pm.

It’s a world premiere … so come out in support. That’s the way to do it!


  • Narrator – James Byrne
  • Mr Punch – Jon Wood
  • Judy – Phil Wathall
  • Policeman – Simon Carter
  • Baby – Eddie Wathall