CRAPPPS Play Day Show Packs a Punch

Rainy conditions at the Calverton Village Play Day on Saturday 2 August did not dampen the spirits of CRAPPPS players performing the group’s first ever live action Punch ‘n’ Judy show.

Two performances of the group’s brand new script entertained packed houses (er – surely ‘gazebos’? Ed) at the William Lee Memorial Park in Calverton, Nottinghamshire. The second show featured a special guest appearance from the mighty Maypole Good Time Band who accompanied CRAPPPS songsters in a rousing rendition of I Do Love To Be Beside The Seaside.

The 2014 CRAPPPS Punch 'n' Judy players (photo: Jane Carter)

The 2014 CRAPPPS Punch ‘n’ Judy players (photo: Jane Carter)

There were big laughs for children and grown-ups alike in this new imagining of the Punch ‘n’ Judy story, where PC meant ‘politically correct’ instead of ‘police constable,’ Judy’s baby was a moody teenager in a onesie and the sausages came from Iceland because the butcher was shut.

Audiences included members of Calverton Parish Council and the Mayor of Gedling Jenny Hollingsworth who later described the show as ‘a hoot’ on Twitter.

JH Tweet 1 400x283

And it looks like Mayor Hollingsworth may now be keeping an eye on the welfare of the brave crocodile featured in the show, having retweeted a photo (below) of the beast in recovery following a savage squeaky club attack by Mr Punch.

JH Tweet 2 400x243

Our thanks go to the organisers of the Play Day (many of whom are volunteers) for all their hard work putting on such a terrific community event and for extending us the invitation to perform.

The cast for this world premiere showing was:

  • Narrator – James Byrne
  • Mr Punch – Jon Wood
  • Judy – Phil Wathall
  • Policeman – Simon Carter
  • Baby – Eddie Wathall