The £22k Dripping Pan

Paul Prior 350x468It isn’t that we haven’t kept proper records. No really. But we guess it’s fair to say we’ve got muddled somewhere down the line about the amount of money we’ve raised for charity since the Calverton Plough Play began.

We still can’t give a specific amount. When the original team took its first collection in 1979, it was before spreadsheets and everything.

But news just in from Nottingham NSPCC tells us that CRAPPPS has raised around £15,000 for the charity over the last 20 years. This, coupled with Paul Prior’s comments on this BBC radio interview about the group having raised around £7,000 from 1979 to 1996 (therefore accounting for the first 17 years), leads us to believe the total fundraising figure to be circa £22,000. You see? Basic mathematics we can deal with.

£22,000 is a lovely number. We’re very pleased to announce it, and look forward to building on it for the next 37 years and beyond.