Boldly Gone.

He’ll always be remembered for being the consummate master of ceremonies, effortlessly keeping the most raucous audiences under control with a smirk on his face and a pint in his hand.

Mind you, he’ll also be remembered for the dodgy raincoat and wellies and for gurning uncontrollably whenever he sang The Molecatcher.

Former Ribboner, Recruiting Sergeant and, latterly, our rather brilliant Bold Tom for the last 20 or so years (*), Mister Barry Nyblen has decided to retire from CRAPPPS.

We’ll miss our Baz terribly. His playful (but ultimately ruthless) treatment of hecklers has been the stuff of Plough Play legend. His knack of spotting the potential for a gag in any situation has kept all of us on our toes – because sometimes the gag has been squarely on us.

His respect for the wonderful tradition our group seeks to uphold has provided example and inspiration to numerous newer members (including me, coming into the fold somewhat nervously in 2007).

For all of the above, and for his effort and contribution over many long and laughter-filled years with CRAPPPS, sincere thanks and appreciation to our Barry are due. It won’t be quite the same without him.

Here’s Barry as the Ribboner in a BBC radio interview in 1996.

And here are some photos of him, arsing about.

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(*) = we’ve never been that good at record-keeping.

Beelzy x.