Proper bunch of rogues ‘n’ all

Like a well-drilled military operation or something (really? Ed) the somewhat eccentric gentlefolk of CRAPPPS hit the road Thursday to Saturday this week (11 – 13 January) on their 40th consecutive annual Plough Play tour. Made with lashings of ale and mummery goodness, the play is based on a script first performed in Cropwell Bishop in 1890.

The tour takes in 9 villages, 1 town and 17 shows as per the gig list here, with all proceeds going to the mighty cause that is Nottingham NSPCC for which more than £20k has been raised by the group so far.

This year’s team (in order of appearance) is:

  • Musicians – Paul Cullen, Jill Howard, Andrew Pattison
  • Crew – Dawn Cullen, Jay Reilly, Sandra Reilly

Much thanks to our full supporting cast of musicians and roadies without whom it would all be a bit much, to be fair.

Guess what? You can click on the names linked above for some truly lovely (really again? Ed) pen pictures of our handsome and attractive cast. All biographies have been supplied by the individuals in question (apart from Eddie’s, which we were forced to make up because he didn’t return our emails).

See you at the weekend, mi duks!