Plough Play 40! We thank you for civility …

… and what you’ve given us here. After a week getting back to normal after a simply storming 2018 CRAPPPS Plough Play run, the rather terrific news is that the efforts of the team over last weekend (11-13 January) saw Beelzy’s dripping pan bulging to the tune of £937.94 for Nottingham NSPCC (not including the 40 Vietnamese Dong, 1 Jersey 20 pence piece, 4 US cents and 1 Morrison’s shopping trolley token).

Special thanks to the pubs who invited us in so hospitably, the crowds who received us so wonderfully and all of you who gave so generously.  We’ll be back in March with a special CRAPPPS 40th anniversary celebration (event details to be announced next week) and in April with our St George’s Play.