CRAPPPS at 40 – Party Time 17/03/2018

Bold Tom (Calverton revival version) and his entourage of oddly-dressed comrades first knocked on the doors of pubs in Calverton, Notts, and its surrounding villages in January 1979.

In January 2018, the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society (CRAPPPS) performed its 40th consecutive annual tour of Plough Plays, fondly recalling the contribution, enthusiasm and dedication [*] of group members past and present and local legends absent, beloved and never-to-be forgotten.

The group has seen numerous changes in personnel over the years. It has seen triumph and tragedy, hurrahs and heartbreak, fair weather and foul – but has persevered nonetheless with this glorious owd folk tradition with a spring in its step, ale in its belly and pride in its heart.

Somewhere in the middle of all of it, CRAPPPS has raised nearly £30,000 for children’s charities.

It’s also added a new Calvertonian tradition (the St George’s Play) to its canon, now in its 8th year of touring and going strong.

So we’d like to invite you to a right owd knees up at Calverton Village Hall on Saturday 17 March 2018 to celebrate – er, well all of the above – and to raise a glass to another 40 years on the road for CRAPPPS.

It’ll be a foot stomping, toe-tapping ceilidh with the brilliant Sheepish Grin (John Crawford and Richard Mecia – pictured above) presiding. There’ll be mumming, merriment and memory-laning. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to Nottingham NSPCC.

So … in comes you? Tickets now on sale (£8 adults / FREE for under 15s) – you can ring 07491 644581 to book or book online here.

[*] = surely ‘medication’ – Ed.