Blast From The Past – St George 2019 Remembered

We’ve found some photos, and it was obviously a scorcher that day. Our Beelzebub (also known as Simon most days of the week) remembers not being able to get all the red make-up off his face and then realising it must have been sunburn. Ouch.

We didn’t get around to posting about our 2019 St George’s Play exploits at the time (our sincere bad) so somewhat belatedly announce that everyone appeared to survive.

We can confirm, as ever, that a dragon was repeatedly slain (step forward Master Kenny Quilty in his maiden St George’s run for CRAPPPS) and Phil Wathall somehow managed to crowbar a dress into his costume again, albeit this time in kilt form for his rebooted McSlasher.

Generous punters from the six pubs we visited donated a total of £276.53, with proceeds going to Maggie’s Centre, Nottingham City Hospital.

Maggies provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friends. It’s a brilliant charity which does brilliant work, and long may it continue.

The take from this run of shows, added together with proceeds from the 2019 CRAPPPS Plough Play, makes a rather splendid fundraising total for the year of £1,626.50. Fair play, guvnor.

The CRAPPPSters are back from 9 – 11 January 2020 with the bizarre, incomprehensible cultural phenomenon that is the Calverton Plough Play. More details to follow!