Blast From The Past – St George 2020 Remembered

This wasn’t how it was meant to be.

The cast of performers may change from year from year. The costumes may get a makeover (or even a wash) sometimes. But, when all is said and done, these are the variables. You can manage the variables.

But the one constant thing a mummers play relies on is the pub. That’s where the action happens. That’s where the punters gather. That’s where traditions live, where traditions breathe. Don’t breathe too heavily in some pubs. They don’t half pong.

But when the pub is shut because of a global pandemic, then what?

With local boozers having to close their doors due to COVID-19, the good people and true of CRAPPPS Nottinghamshire took to the internet to perform their 2020 St George’s Play back in April. Cast members recorded their lines and music from the comfort (?) of their own homes and doorsteps with James Byrne and Simon Carter frantically gluing together all of the pieces afterwards.

The result is one of the oddest short films you’ll probably ever see, but worth every second of effort for the £200 made for this year’s chosen charity, Arnold Food Bank.

At the time of writing, several months later in December 2020, it’s uncertain whether we’ll be able to return to live performance anytime soon. Plans for our annual Plough Play have had to be put on hold as COVID restrictions continue – but we’re determined to do something to make sure that our unbroken run of more than four decades continues. Details to follow …