PLOUGH PLAY 2021 – Online Comes I

What’s a mummers group meant to do when the pubs are shut and live shows can’t happen? Easy to skip a year, maybe. Put it down to the pandemic and hope for safer and more sociable times ahead.

But what if you’ve never missed a single year of performing live since 1979 and are desperate to maintain your unbroken record?

Livestream time.

The good (and in most cases hairy) folk of CRAPPPS took to t’interweb on Saturday 16 January for a knees-quaking, history-making live online performance of the Calverton Plough Play.

Audience members from places as far-flung as New Zealand, Denmark and Derby tuned in to watch the chaotic and colourful nonsense unfold and see a fine old Nottinghamshire folk tradition preserved.

‘I’m just glad we pressed all the right buttons,’ said Beelzebub afterwards between hearty gulps of post-gig whiff-whaff.

‘All that tech ‘n’ whatnot. I was proper bricking it.’

At the time of writing, donations to the NSPCC stand at just over £350 with Gift Aid contributions included. Thanks so much to everyone who’s put into the virtual dripping pan so far.

There’s still time to donate through our JustGiving page here.

And if you missed it first time round, you can watch the show on YouTube here.

Unbroken run maintained. We’ll see you all again soon – somehow, somewhen, somewhere.

And stay safe, y’hear?

  • Cast members. Top row left to right – Simon Carter as Beelzebub, Hannah Cupitt as Threshing Blade, Jay Reilly as the Farmer’s Man, James Byrne as Hopper Joe. Middle row left to right – Richard Martin as the Recruiting Sergeant, Peter Millington (fiddler), Nick Bereznyckyj as the Doctor, Jon Wood as Bold Tom. Bottom row left to right – Phil Wathall as the Ribboner, Eddie Wathall as Dame Jane, Paul Howard as the Lady Bright and Gay.