Blast From The Past – St George 2021 Remembered

Saturday 24 April 2021 saw the good people and true of CRAPPPS celebrate the 10th anniversary of their St George’s Play by just staying at home.

We would much rather have been out and about, of course, but with pubs shut due to COVID the only way we were going to bring this high quality piece of culture (really? Ed.) to the masses was to livestream again. As regular visitors (really again? Ed.) to this website will know, we’d previously broken our Zoom cherry in January 2021 with a barnstorming online performance of our really quite legendary Plough Play, so we’d already worked out which knobs to twiddle on Beelzy’s laptop ‘n’ whatnot.

St G 2021 Cast Pic

And so it came to pass that our hapless troupe of misfits took to t’ interweb to perform the 10th anniversary St George’s Play at a safe social distance from the nearest boozer, raising £145 for the mighty Arnold Foodbank in the process. Older hands and some newer faces were on parade in the traditional roles, with one new part (Griselda Stout) appearing in the show for the very first time to completely delight (really a third time? Ed.) the traditionalists.

The full, unabridged hijinks can be viewed below, having been kept on YouTube for posterior (surely ‘posterity’? Ed.) and knickers to it, frankly.

Ooh! Guess what? With good luck and a following headwind, we’ll be seeing you in the pub soon! Watch out for an incoming announcement about Plough Play 2022 (sly, mysterious chuckle) …

  • Cast members. Top row left to right – Simon Carter as Beelzebub, Jane Carter as the Princess, Nick West as the King of England, Jay Reilly as St George’s Squire. Middle row left to right – Nick Bereznyckyj as the Doctor, James Byrne as the Jester, Paul Cullen as Mop. Bottom row left to right – Phil Wathall as Slasher, Kenny Quilty as the Dragon, Eddie Wathall as St George, Paul Howard as Mrs Gent, Hannah Cupitt as Griselda.