CRAPPPS Plough Play 2020 – Gallery

Taken by Mrs Beelzy with Bold Tom’s dead posh camera, these photos were taken in the Lady Bright and Gay’s kitchen prior to the January 2020 run of the Calverton Plough Play. We did 17 shows across 3 nights and raised £877.09 for Nottingham NSPCC.

The photos in this gallery have never seen the light of day until now, having recently been found in a long lost folder in Dropbox (or something).

They’re particularly special because they’re the last set of photos taken of us together as a team preparing for a live tour, just a few short weeks before the world changed.

We haven’t been out on the road with a live show since, though all this changes in January 2022 when we jump in the minibus for Plough Play 44.

We’ll see you soon.

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