We’re back. It was dead good.

We did it!

After a year’s enforced break from live shows, our intrepid team of weirdly-dressed eccentrics took to the road to perform the Calverton Plough Play on Friday 14 – Saturday 15 January.

James and Jay

‘We decided to take things cautiously,’ said our Beelzebub, lazily quoting himself in this article he’s now writing.

Eddie‘We’d usually do something like seventeen pubs, but to ease ourselves back in and stay as safe as possible we just did the eight.’

Punters at each of the venues were nonetheless raucous and generous, with the dripping pan bulging under the weight of £604.47 for Nottingham NSPCC by the end of it – a terrific amount to raise on such a reduced run.

We’re so proud to say that there’s life very much left in this vibrant old Nottinghamshire tradition with more new members coming through to join our more experienced campaigners this year. Shout-outs in particular to Kitty Wood (musician) and Damian Waghorn (Eezum Squeezum) who made their Plough Play debuts in 2022 and to Robert Throup who rejoined the cast as the Recruiting Sergeant.

Love and thanks too to Sandra Reilly, roadie extraordinaire, for all her hard work on both nights.

And finally – our thanks to audiences who responded so magnificently at each of our nine performances (eight pubs – but we did two shows at the Woodlark!) and to the landlords and ladies for having us along.

We’ll be back again to perform our St George’s Play on 23rd April.