The £30k Dripping Pan

When CRAPPPS started out in 1978, it’s likely nobody thought the group would still be going strong more than forty years later, much less have kept a proper running total of funds raised for charity.


Okay. You got us. There’s still no proper running total because records (and memories) are hazy because beer and cider.

But we do have decent enough records from 2015 onwards. At this point we knew we’d raised about £22k for charity based on figures from Nottinghamshire NSPCC and other source material from our archive. By 2019 this had moved on to around £26k and, by this week, a little over £30k when we’d fixed the formulas on Beelzy’s latest spreadsheet.

That’s £30k raised for charity. Yay us.

It’s a milestone we’re very proud of. Most of this money has been raised for Nottingham children’s charities (latterly Nottinghamshire NSPCC) with our Plough Play, but at various points we’ve earned a tidy few quid for other worthy causes such as Alzheimer’s Society, Arnold Food Bank, British Heart Foundation, Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, Emmanuel House, Framework, Maggie’s Hospice and Shelter.

Thank you for supporting us year on year – and here’s to at least another £30k more.