Jon Wood

Name: Jon Wood.

First year with CRAPPPS (approx. if not known): 2001 (or maybe 2002).

Years of service (up to and including 2016): 15 (or maybe 16).

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Current Plough Play part: Musician.

CRAPPPS shows involved with: Plough Play, St George’s Play, Punch ‘n’ Judy Show.  

CRAPPPS parts played: Threshing Blade, Dame Jane, Farmer’s Man, Musician (Plough Play), St George (St George’s Play), Mr Punch (Punch ‘n’ Judy Show), Official Photographer.

Favourite Plough Play tour pub: This is a tricky one … The Fox and Hounds (Blidworth) followed closely by The Admiral Rodney (Calverton).

Whiff whaff (or other beverage) of choice: Only one? Erm … currently enjoying Cardhu very much.

Best CRAPPPS memory: Too many to count. No, really. They include the usual hiding from Paul Prior; Nick West having a disagreement with Marley’s Ghost; Paul running a red light in my first year and the subsequent reaction from the boys; Mr Throup countering a heckler in a way most epic and Barry doing similar; Paul Howard forgetting he moved house and the quote: ‘You can tell it’s a good beer because it smells like someone’s farted in it.’