Nick Bereznyckyj

Name: Nick Bereznyckyj.

First year with CRAPPPS (approx. if not known): Joined as roadie 1996. Ever present as a performer since 1998.

Years of service (up to and including 2021): 26.

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Current Plough Play part:  Farmer’s Man.

CRAPPPS shows involved with:  Plough Play, St George’s Play.

CRAPPPS parts played:  Farmer’s Man, The Doctor (Plough Play), The Doctor (St George’s Play).

Favourite Plough Play tour pub:  Too drunk to remember.

Whiff whaff (or other beverage) of choice:  Owt over 4%, which cuts most lagers out (wise move).

Best CRAPPPS memory:  1. All hiding from Paul Prior as he parks the bus; 2. Paul crashing the bus into a car; 3. Punter saying: ‘Here’s a fiver. Now f*** off’; 4. Being so drunk on the Gate to Southwell that I thought the Bleasby cricket match was a wedding.