Richard Martin

Name: Richard Martin.

First year with CRAPPPS (approx. if not known): I had to do a bit of googling to verify my fading memories but eventually found that my suspicions were correct and it was indeed 2004 (see photographic evidence here c/o Pete Millington – Ed).   

Years of service (up to and including 2021): 18.  

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Current Plough Play part: This coming year I suspect I will play one of the two Recruiting Sergeants again.

CRAPPPS shows involved with: Plough Play, St George’s Play.  

CRAPPPS parts played:  Recruiting Sergeant (shared and often dueted with Jon Throup in the Plough Play), Noble Anthony, The King of England (St George’s Play).

Favourite Plough Play tour pub:  Woodlark (Lambley).

Whiff whaff (or other beverage) of choice:  Aberlour (or any real ale 5% plus). 

Best CRAPPPS memory:  Circa 2004 – sneaking my police uniform onto the tour bus and waiting for Paul Prior (RIP) to get into the driver’s seat outside the Ship Inn at Lowdham and start chivying everyone back onto the bus (as he did).  I discreetly donned my jacket and helmet and knocked on the driver’s window asking if Paul had been drinking. The initial look of panic and his burbling was only surpassed by his swearing once he realised it was me!