Simon Carter

Name: Simon Carter.

First year with CRAPPPS (approx. if not known): 2007.

Years of service (up to and including 2016): 10. 

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Current Plough Play part: 2017 sees my sixth year as full-time Beelzebub and eleventh year as a Plough Boy.

CRAPPPS shows involved with: Plough Play, St George’s Play, Punch ‘n’ Judy Show.  

CRAPPPS parts played: Roadie, Farmer’s Man, Sankey Benny, Dame Jane, The Doctor, Beelzebub (Plough Play  – most of these stand-in performances during my years as ‘Supersub’),  Dragon, Beelzebub, The King of England, Jester (St George’s Play), Mr Punch, Policeman (Punch ‘n’ Judy Show).

Favourite Plough Play tour pub: Fox and Hounds (Blidworth), The Lion (Farnsfield), Four Bells (Woodborough).

Whiff whaff (or other beverage) of choice: Talisker, Laphroaig, Highland Park (and whatever John Crawford smuggles to me whilst standing out in the cold).

Best CRAPPPS memory: Two memories, actually. First, walking into a pub as Beelzebub during one of my first goes at the part in 2011 to discover that all of my fellow cast members had gone into hiding. So there I am, a confused, inebriated man wearing balaclava and tights, facing a pub full of audience members all on my own with none of my mates to talk to … the ringleader of this prank has never been formally identified, have you, Barry?

Second, that first night on the bus as a roadie in 2007. Banter, laughter, music and singing … and whiff-whaff. Lots of it. I just remember it being among the most fun I’d ever had doing anything. I became a lifer that night. Sad, really.