Privacy Statement

All personal information on this website is controlled by the Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society (CRAPPPS).

By being a member of this society you have inadvertently (and perhaps a little stupidly) allowed images of yourself to be published on this website showing you causing mayhem in various Nottinghamshire pubs each January wearing a silly costume and sporting a dubious beard.

Costume items include, but are not limited to, curly pink wigs, one of your wife’s dresses, spandex leggings / hot pants, Napoleonic military dress and some rank old tunic made out of sacking. Depending on the part you play, you may be required to sport some frilly undergarments.

You may also be depicted handling certain props. These may include a plastic truncheon with a squeaker, a large girl’s doll, a bag shaped like a duck and, as previously hinted, some frilly undergarments.

You may also be depicted ‘sampling’ a range of quality real ales. As a result of such activity taking place over three consecutive nights in more than twenty pubs, you may feel a little unwell the following week with a mouth resembling the bottom of a budgie’s cage.

However, it’s all for the preservation of a fantastic ancient tradition and for raising funds for charity.

So well done you.