Hmm. Seems that some folk have been mad enough to let us loose on the radio …

CRAPPPS on BBC Radio Nottingham 1996

An interview featuring, among others, the late and much missed Paul Prior (Beelzebub), John Crawford (doubling up as Doctor and Lady Bright and Gay), Paul Howard (Farmer’s Man), Barry Nyblen (Ribboner), Andy Taylor (Recruiting Sergeant) and Ken Wood (Bold Tom).


CRAPPPS on BBC Radio Nottingham 2015 (Broadcast Version)

Jon Throup and Simon Carter accept full responsibility for the words which emerged when they opened their mouths.


CRAPPPS on BBC Radio Nottingham 2015 (Full Version)

Again, Jon Throup and Simon Carter are guilty as charged.


CRAPPPS on BBC Radio 2’s Folk Show 2016

Get us with the song dedication! BBC Radio 2’s Mark Radcliffe gives a Folk Show shout out for our 2016 Plough Play run in this clip – the song featured is The Somerset Wassail by Magpie Lane.