Good lord! Actual physical evidence of our peculiar goings on. Enjoy …

Video 1 – CRAPPPS Online St George’s Play 2020

They shut the pubs! But don’t worry. From out of isolation comes this very special video performance, replacing 2020’s live run. Donate to our chosen charity, Arnold Food Bank (Nottingham) by clicking here.


Video 2 – CRAPPPS perform ‘The Molecatchers’ live at Lowdham Village Hall, November 2016

Unsuspecting punters at Lowdham’s Cider, Perry and Juicing Festival encounter this infamous favourite from the CRAPPPS repertoire.


Video 3 – CRAPPPS live at The Admiral Rodney, Calverton, January 2016

Early doors gig at The Rodney on the 2016 run.


Video 4 – CRAPPPS live at The Green Dragon, Oxton, January 2016

The lads gatecrash the Dragon on the 2016 tour. Folky silliness ensues.


Video 5 – CRAPPPS live at The Admiral Rodney, Calverton, January 2014

The Plough Boys’ triumphant (and slightly inebriated) final show on the 2014 tour.


Video 6 – CRAPPPS live at The Plough, Farnsfield, January 2014

CRAPPPS disturbing the peace at The Plough.


Video 7 – CRAPPPS live at The World’s End, Lowdham, January 2014

The lads return to one of their favourite venues on the Plough Play circuit.


Video 8 – CRAPPPS live at Papplewick Village Hall, January 2011

The Plough Boys in full voice at a private function. Filmed prior to the official 2011 run and featuring our gone, but never forgotten, original Devil.


Video 9 – CRAPPPS on BBC East Midlands Tonight

Our short, spontaneous appearance on the telly. Broadcast live from The Four Bells, Woodborough, on Royal Wedding Day (29 April 2011). See associated photos by clicking here.


Video 10 – CRAPPPS on The Gate To Southwell

The Calverton St George’s Play, performed on Saturday 11 June 2011.